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Communications Web Design

Web site created for a programming company specialized on communications and telephony, using the latest concepts and technologies this website is a typical sample of what Web 2.0 can do for a company and its services
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Global Programming Services

Communications Web Design - Phone Service Web Design - System Support Web Development

Project Description

Global Programming Services, Inc. is a privately owned company that specializes in OSS software development and support. GPS also provides other services such as modernization of legacy systems

They came to us looking for new ideas for their website and the different ways of marketing we offer to our clients.

Wed Design was the first phase of the project; our web design team brings on the table a very interactive and easy-to-use design that captures our client attention the first time.

On the web development area our web development crew converted the entire design to XHTML format and applying the latest concepts of Web 2.0, CSS, Tableless and AJAX.

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Applied Technologies

Technology used: XHTML XHTML
Technology used: DHTML DHTML
Technology used: CSS CSS
Technology used: XML XML
Technology used: PHP PHP
Technology used: JavaScript JavaScript
Technology used: AJAX AJAX
Technology used: Flash Flash
Technology used: ActionScript ActionScript
Technology used: Java Java
Technology used: C C
Technology used: Batch/Shell Batch/Shell
Technology used: MySQL MySQL

Applied Web Development Services

Applied Online Marketing Services