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Henna Web Development

Henna King was created including PayPal shopping cart integration and back-end administration platform to make of this site a unique and proud peace of art, the design section was created utilizing the color and signs to immediately identify the website with its product.
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Henna King

Henna Web Design - Henna Tatoo Web Design - Shopping Cart Web Development - Ecomerce Web Development

Project Description

Henna King, as its name indicates, is the Largest Henna and Henna Products Supplier in the USA and Canada. They are the biggest importer of this products in these countries and internationally.

Henna King came to us looking for a nice design to bring their website back to live! Our web design crew came out with what you can see, a super nice and clean design, with the colors and signs to allow the visitors to immediately identify the product, This lets users know that are in the correct place.

The web development part of the website includes an easy-to-user and user-friendly back-end platform optimized to allow an easy and flexible management of the site. We also integrated PayPal shopping cart into it for visitors to buy directly on the website.

Applied Technologies

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