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Online Business Web Development

Online Business Web Development and Online Business Advertising, This project focus on a advanced web development that was completely custom made to our client. Web Design Enterprise created all the necessary functions on the back-end administration so the administrator is able to update the website easily with no headaches.
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Online Business Web Development And Online Business Advertising

Project Description

Etankless is one of the most active and recognized distributors of Titan-ATC Electronic Tankless Water Heater. This new revolutionary technology brings to our houses a better, environment-friendly and easy-to-install piece of hardware which is capable of heat water with no use of any type of storage like tanks or pools.

A new, fresh design and a fast performance was our goals to reach in the project, that together with a very nice and easy-to-use back-end administration made this website unique and extremely functional.

Credit cards are processed directly on the site and people from everywhere in the country can access their products and services at the moment they need. In this case we used as the credit cards gateway processor, and a shopping cart developed by us following the principal concepts of the project, simplicity and dynamism.

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