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Online catering web development

Online catering system web development is a user-friendly and easy-to-use system to display restaurant menus information and allow customers to place their orders online for delivering or catered food in just minutes.
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Online catering web development

Online Catering System Web Development

Project Description

Cafe Currier is a company with more than 20 years on the market, dedicated to deliver and catering food from several of the best restaurants in the north side of the country, actually based on Montana, Idaho and the great state of Ohio.

Our roll in this project was the creation of a sophisticated and energetic design to display the company's information and invite the visitor to place their orders online. The design is based on the latest available technologies such as AJAX, DOM, CSS2, XHTML and XML, ASP, ASP .NET.

The development part of the website was created using ASP and ASP .NET to bring to the visitors the possibility of an easy and user-friendly online order system. The customer can have their order done in less than 4 minutes by following the easy 6 orders steps.

Also information as FAQ, Carriers, Online menus, Gift Cards, Employment Opportunities, Feedback and more can be found as part of the development of this website.

Before Web Design this is what it looked like!

Applied Technologies

Technology used: XHTML XHTML
Technology used: CSS CSS
Technology used: XML XML
Technology used: Flash Flash
Technology used: ActionScript ActionScript
Technology used: Cold Fusion Cold Fusion
Technology used: C C
Technology used: ASP ASP
Technology used: ASP.NET ASP.NET
Technology used: MySQL MySQL

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