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ECR Realtors Real Estate Web Design

Realtors web design and web development, web site created to inform about the company and list their properties online.
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ECR Realtors

Real Estate Web Design And Web Development

Project Description

Equitable Company Realtors, sister company of Equitable Mortgage & Investors, is a new generation full service residential & commercial real estate firm. We are known to constantly surpass traditional agent/ client relationships in order to secure our clienteles satisfaction. ECR doesn't just consider its clients important; we consider them part of the ECR family.

Our company created a very sophisticated and interactive website that allow them display their real estate inventory as well as give information about their services and keep their clients updated and any time of the process.

Web design from scratch, back end administration platform development, database development, shopping cart and ecommerce merchant accounts integration were part of the services applied to this project.

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Applied Technologies

Technology used: XHTML XHTML
Technology used: DHTML DHTML
Technology used: CSS CSS
Technology used: XML XML
Technology used: PHP PHP
Technology used: JavaScript JavaScript
Technology used: AJAX AJAX
Technology used: DOM DOM
Technology used: Flash Flash
Technology used: Python Python
Technology used: Java Java
Technology used: C C
Technology used: Perl Perl
Technology used: SSL SSL
Technology used: MySQL MySQL

Applied Web Development Services

Applied Online Marketing Services