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TV Web Development and Advertising

As a High-End web development company Direct Digital TV knew that we were the right company for them. The website project you see below is 100% custom made to client specification and it was created in record time. The site has many custom made graphics created to enhance the design of the website. We thank Direct Digital TV for their trust to work with us.
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Direct Digital TV

TV Web Development And TV Online Advertising - TV Web Development Specialists

Project Description

In essence this website mix two different concepts, a different look to an existing service, as most people know Directv is one of the most diffused and used satellite TV services in United States. Our challenge was to create a website to sell their services and plans with a different look.

Our web design team came up with the solution to mix the concept of a fresh and clean design to offer the Direct TV services.

Web development also played an important role in the creation of this website, a system to take online orders was custom made to meet our client requirements, every visitor of the site now have the option to place their orders online and request for services sooner.

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Applied Technologies

Technology used: XHTML XHTML
Technology used: DHTML DHTML
Technology used: CSS CSS
Technology used: XML XML
Technology used: PHP PHP
Technology used: JavaScript JavaScript
Technology used: AJAX AJAX
Technology used: DOM DOM
Technology used: Flash Flash
Technology used: ActionScript ActionScript
Technology used: Java Java
Technology used: C C
Technology used: MySQL MySQL

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